I've always loved animals, and especially horses. Looking at pictures of Arabian horses made me dream about

those beautiful animals. In 1998 I went to my first Arabian horse show, a national C-show in Balen. I took with

me a very small disposable camera, and the pictures weren't very good then. Still I enjoyed taking pictures,

bought myself a better camera and started to get better every year.

I've always been around horses, one way or another. When I was 7 I started horse riding and I've been doing it

ever since.

After high school I started veterinary school as I wanted to be a horse vet, but unfortunately I had to give that up.

While I was at university I worked during weekends and holidays as a coachman, driving tourists around Antwerp

in a horse carriage.

As a young girl, I always wanted to have my own horse, but never got one. In 2005, I bought a ticket for a

tombola at an Arabian show, and I won first prize: a breeding to the Polish stallion Extreme. Now my dream of

having my own horse, an Arabian horse even, would come true. I leased and bred a mare that same year, and

in 2006 her foal was born: a beautiful colt who I named Ihsan.

I love taking pictures of horses, either portraits or movement

shots, trying to capture the true personality of the animal.

So, I hope you enjoy my website and the pictures I took.