Preparing for a photoshoot

Before I arrive, I would suggest you look around on your property for suitable backgrounds, to make sure you get the nicest possible pictures of your

horses. If you cannot find a suitable spot, you might want to consider taking your horse to a different location.

Please make sure your horse is bathed, clipped and/or groomed by the time I arrive, so we can make the most of the time we have. Of course the finishing

off, like make-up and spray, can be done after I arrive.

Try to teach your horse to stand still, that makes portrait and stand-up pictures easier to make. If possible, try to get your horse comfortable at the place

where the pictures have to be taken; when the horse is relaxed and happy it will show itself all the better. Knowing your horse also helps a lot, if you know

what does the trick to make him pose or trot perfectly.

Helpers are always handy, and usually necessary, so try to have at least one more person there who can help with holding a horse, shaking a bag, etc.

Jutta Kools


Cell phone: +32 (0) 494 / 68 05 41